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Factory Mechanic Dream Bike RAW YZ250 2 Stroke - Motocross Action Magazine

motocross videos

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We released our detailed video on Jon Mitcheff's Yamaha YZ250 2 stroke a while back and wanted our viewers to get a chance to enjoy the sweet sounds of a very unique bike without the talking or music. It was a windy day out at Glen Helen but as we always say, the show must go on. Ah, but the personal bike of a factory star?s mechanic is often a hidden gem. Why" These mechanics have access to unobtainable parts. They possess the knowhow to put the perfect machine together and the wherewithal to properly set up the bike to the nth degree. With this in mind, the MXA wrecking crew went looking for the double whammy?a bike that was once owned by a factory rider but had been bought and rebuilt by a factory mechanic. You can?t get much better than that. We found our double whammy via Ivan ?Hot Sauce? Tedesco and Jon ?Throttle? Mitcheff?and the YZ250 that they shared. Subscribe to Motocross Action: https://hi-torque.com/product/subscribe-to-motocross-action-magazine/ Follow Motocross Action: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13uOawMwZh56D2dEn41Gyw/feed"view_as=public Motocross Action Website: http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/ Motocross Action Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Motocross-Action/179374025430397"fref=ts Motocross Action Twitter: https://twitter.com/MXAction Motocross Action Instagram: http://instagram.com/motocrossactionmag

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